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Committee meeting notes 21st February

Committee meeting notes 21st February

Binswood Allotment Society

Committee meeting key points


Date: 21st February 2018

Present: Kristen Lawrence, Robin Cathcart, Meg van Rooyen, Martin Hurst, Jo Stone

Apologies: Tristan Stephens

Matters arising

  • We agreed that the noticeboards inside the site should have relevant contacts for all members. Tristan to use generic allotment members email address in future. ACTION: we need to finalise the contact list for noticeboards and put these up.
  • The hedge has been cut back. Agreed a professional hedge cutting service should be obtained for Northumberland Road track.  Robin to ACTION.


Membership guide (or handbook)

Kristen has circulated a new version for comment.  This is nearly complete now!

ACTION:  All further comments to Kristen asap.

Volunteer survey 

Meg has the results in Surveymonkey but as we are not subscribing to Surveymonkey it has been difficult to extract the results in a useful format.

ACTION:  Meg to send round the results in whatever format is available.  DONE

ACTION:  Robin to analyse results.

Treasurer’s report


Account signatures have now been changed. We have a healthy surplus of funds.  Accounts are ready to go to audit in time for the AGM.


ACTION:  Martin to move a lump sum to the building society account.


Membership and fees


We now have a spreadsheet of members and plot numbers with email addresses where possible.

  • A number of members have not paid and have been sent a reminder.
  • A member has paid twice and will be contacted for a refund.
  • 2 people have left but paid anyway. They will also be contacted.


We will send an email to members reminding all that sub-letting without prior notification and approval from the Committee is prohibited.

ACTION: Tristan to send group email.


Data protection and GDPR

We need to ensure that we are up to date with the requirements of the new GDPR.


ACTION: Jo to check the GDPR requirements and to put together a form of consent for the society to keep new members contact details centrally.

ACTION: Jo to consider how to cover existing members for consent requirements.


Terminating membership


The committee discussed the membership termination process to ensure that we have a process in place that treats members fairly and consistently.


We agreed members of the Committee, in consultation with Pete and David, should carry out twice-yearly formal plot inspections. The dates – in May and September – should be publicised to members in advance and shared by email.  The Committee should review any recommendations resulting from the inspections and agree on appropriate courses of action, taking into account each member’s history and circumstances.


ACTION:   Kristen to set these dates.

ACTION:  Tristan to email members once dates agreed.



The maintenance of boundaries was discussed an deferred.


Allotments with gates to private housing


We discussed this issue as there is nothing in the byelaws prohibiting this practice.  It was agreed that where an adjoining house has an allotment, they can have a gate to the allotment. However, once they are no longer members of the Society they lose the right to enter the allotments through the gate, as it is private land.


ACTION:  Committee members to tour the allotments to view the locations and types of private entries into the site and determine what, if any, actions need to be taken. An email to all members informing them of this policy should follow.  The policy should be included in the membership guide.


Equipment storage shed

We have been successful in our application for the Town Council grant for £2,500 following a great appearance by Kristen and Martin at the grants committee meeting!  We need to determine where to site the shed and to consider insurance.  The grant year is from April so we cannot yet purchase the shed at this point

ACTION:  Kristen to talk to Pete and David about placement of the new equipment shed.




We agreed a goal for 2018 to update the website and potentially to include a public facing and member’s section.


ACTION: We agreed that there needs to be a process for hiring equipment.

ACTION: Robin to talk to members about volunteering to coordinate equipment hire.



Deferred to another meeting.


Community hut

The community hut group held a well-attended planning meeting and has planned some events for the next few months.   Liz wants to step down as coordinator and has asked for volunteers to replace her.


ACTION: Kristen to contact Rural Crime Watch to arrange an event that will include free equipment marking. DONE



This will be held on Sunday 15th April at 11AM at the community hut.  There are no presentations to be given.


ACTION: Tristan to add a notice on the website and email members. DONE


The Shuttleworth Cup needs engraving.


ACTION: Kristen to email Bridget to return cup and arrange engraving.


We agreed the subject for the next competition to be announced at the AGM.


Next meeting


We will hold the next meeting at the end of March to finalise plans for the AGM.