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Committee Meeting Notes 27th September

Committee Meeting Notes 27th September

Binswood Allotment Society

Committee meeting key points


Date:  27th September 2018

Present: Kristen Lawrence, Robin Cathcart, Meg van Rooyen, Martin Hurst, Jo Stone, Tristan Stephens

Apologies: none

Matters arising

  • Minutes of AGM nearly ready to go on website.



Equipment shed

Equipment volunteers’ rota set up for weekends and Wednesdays and is working very well via a WhatsApp group.  Kristen has written up a set of rules.  There is a book for signing equipment in and out.

ACTION: Kristen to post a notice on noticeboard.

ACTION: Kristen to resend the announcement email.


We need to replicate the small group approach for the membership process with a new group of volunteers.  We discussed how the allocation of empty plots can be coordinated.

ACTION: Kristen to talk to potential volunteers.

Committee development

In order to better address the needs of the Society and share the workload more effectively we are contemplating having individual Committee members marshal and guide specific projects. In this way responsibilities such as site management, social outreach, website development and management, membership and equipment hire could be the focus of different Committee members who would report to the Committee at large.

We would like new members to join the committee with this idea in mind. We identified a need for members with specific maintenance skills and ability to be present at the allotments during the week.

ACTION: Committee members to identify and approach possible candidates. Kristen to send an open letter to members in the new year.


Site maintenance requirements need to be split up into tasks.  We would like to replicate the small group approach that is working for the equipment hire and create a group of maintenance volunteers.

ACTION: Martin to compile the maintenance list through discussing with existing volunteers.

Community hut

Liz has had to step down from organising the community hut events.  Alison Cathcart and Paula Barraclough-Fox have agreed to take over organisation of events for the next six months.  The first event was the judging of the John Shuttleworth cup, and the next event will be apple pressing.

We need to recruit the next coordinators and consider whether they should have a place on the committee.

ACTION: Kristen to thank Liz for all her work by email. DONE

Town Council grant

The grant round is coming up in November. We must identify our needs and decide what to apply for.  We are considering 5-bar metal gates at the other entrance.

ACTION: price up the gates.

Centenary of the society

To mark our centenary, we would like to replace the community hut and add proper external bird boxes plus insulation.  Robin reported there is a local company that can supply a wooden hut on the existing slabs for £10-£15,000. We may need a community engagement plan incorporated into any bid.

ACTION: Jo to look at the lease for the allotment society to make sure we can do this.

ACTION: Robin passed on our ideas to Society member Tim Robbins who said he will look into grant opportunities.

Open Studios sculpture walk

Plot holder Karen Stephenson has asked to work with the Society to install an allotment sculpture walk during next year’s Open Studios. She is seeking external grant funding to support this venture.  AGREED.

Site issues

New gates are being installed at the Borrowdale Drive entrance as the old ones are warped.  We agreed to change the code. We agreed this should take place after the gates have been installed.

ACTION: Kristen to email members with the new code to be active from a set date.

Date for next plot inspections

We have agreed to carry these out twice a year.  The last site visit was carried out as planned on May 20th.

ACTION: All committee members who are available this weekend to do site inspection. (Site inspection was held on Saturday 29 September.)


ACTION: Martin to get a quote for insurance for the new storage hut.  Insurance will be put in place once a final quote received.