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Committee meeting October 2019

Committee meeting October 2019

Binswood Allotment Society

Committee meeting key points

Date: 30th October 2019
Present: Kristen Lawrence, Robin Cathcart, Meg van Rooyen, Martin Hurst, Mark
Fairbairn, Tristan Stephens
Apologies: none
Matters arising:
The committee
Jo Stone has resigned from the committee due to work pressures but will help with
ongoing legal issues. Kristen passed on her thanks to Jo for her contribution to the
We welcomed our new committee member Mark Fairbairn.
Town council grant
The proposal is to go in by Monday 4th November 2019. We will ask for fencing to
block gaps in the hedge in the North West end of the site. We will also ask for
lightweight folding tables for the Community hut.
ACTION: Martin to measure the fence required for the quote.
ACTION: Mark will research and forward pricing information on lightweight folding
ACTION: Kristen to draft proposal.
ACTION: Martin and Tristan to attend the Town Council’s Allotment
Subcommittee meeting on the 11th November.

Borrowdale Drive and Northumberland Road gates
ID Fencing in Warwick have supplied estimates for two gates. We require a metal
pedestrian gate to be installed alongside the wooden gate, which will be used only
when wider access is required, such as for deliveries and vehicles. This will be at a
cost of £500 plus a keypad lock. We also require a padlock for the main gate of
approximately £100. We will have a 1.8m high mesh gate at Northumberland Road

The estimates were approved. The majority will be paid for out of the grant from the
Town Council. The Society will pay for the new lock on the pedestrian gate.
ACTION: Robin to schedule a date for installation and a purchase order for the
Town Council.

Community Hut
Robin has obtained pre-planning advice from the planning department with Tristan’s
draft plans. We need to provide an outline of what we want to construct to send to
the planning dept. This includes decisions on windows, roof lights, doors, insulation
and solar panels and roofing materials.
ACTION: Tristan to coordinate ideas from the committee.
ACTION: Committee members to look at as they will
supply a semi-bespoke shed.
Treasurer’s report
Martin is in the process of opening a new bank account with Santander. This has
proved very hard to open and taken months to put together the required papers.
They require a constitution which will need to be ratified at the AGM.
ACTION: Martin to circulate a draft constitution for comment.
ACTION: Martin will take our complete application to Santander to apply for a new
business account, which will offer internet banking facility. 
Martin has successfully registered with the FCA online using the Mutual Society
The seed order
A volume discount on the King’s seed order will be available to the Society, despite
our decision to discontinue membership of the National Association of Allotments.
The discount was not applied automatically but will be deducted manually this time
It is unclear if new members are receiving the handbook and the welcome letter. This
is vital to ensure that everyone understands basic rules such as path maintenance
between plots.

Kristen updated the membership database for 2019 and sent this to Tristan to
evaluate if this is up to date. Martin is happy he has accurate information on
members to send fee requests out.
ACTION: Kristen to draft a standard template email explaining the fees
including the joining fee, and the costs of a full and half plot.
ACTION: Tristan will publicise 2020 rent requests on noticeboards and via email in
advance of rent request being sent. This notice will specifically request members to
update us with current contact details, highlighting any changes so that we can
amend our records as necessary. 
We need a new coordinator for the plot-letting group.
ACTION: Mark to join the plot letting WhatsApp group.
Plot occupancy is high. We have a maintenance credit to use for ditch clearance or
to improve hardstanding. We discussed problems with various plots.
Plot inspection
This will take place next year in April or May.
John Shuttleworth cup
The John Shuttleworth cup scarecrow event was very successful. The Mayor of
Leamington judged the competition, which was to a high standard. The photos are
now on the website.
Equipment Hire / Machinery group
Mark is running maintenance checks on equipment and will take any that need it to
get serviced. The sliding door on the equipment shed is too flimsy.
ACTION: Mark to ask Nick Bond for help to reinforce the door.
100-year celebration
We had some expressions of interest at the AGM from members who might help with
organising events and fundraising.
ACTION: Kristen to arrange a meeting in the new year for volunteers to attend.
Discussion of the website was postponed to the next meeting.