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Meet The Committee

Chairman : Robin Cathcart

Robin took over his plot four years ago but has been growing vegetables for a number of years. His ambition, which he has never achieved, is to have an all year round supply of vegetables. His favourite vegetable is asparagus which is one of the first signs of the new growing season and a delicacy when other vegetables are scarce.

He was persuaded to join the committee in 2011 and took over as chairman in 2012. Robin would like to continue to develop the sense of community among plot holders both to strengthen the Association and to make membership a more enjoyable experience.


Secretary and Membership Secretary :  Tristan Stephens 

Treasurer : Martin Hurst

Martin is a familiar face at the allotments, having tended his plot for more than 12 years. He took over as Treasurer from John Shuttleworth in 2010 and with 45 years experience of running various companies, working with financial directors; Martin had a basic grasp of what was required.

He said: “It has been a pleasure to take on the role; I really have been thankful of the support that I have received from all the other committee members and of Tony Parsons our auditor.

The changes that Martin has instigated are mainly involved in keeping up with modern technology – computerised Accounts (and regularly backed up on memory stick), members details on a database. He is also looking into making the members yearly payments easier through internet banking, direct debits or Standing orders… details to all members when set up.

Martin has also taken over as our representative on BLAST (Bringing Leamington’s Allotment Societies Together) which has been set up to act as a local co-coordinating body to fight any development of any of the allotments in our area.

His favourite produce to grow: tomatoes.

Catherine Levack

Catherine took on her plot in 2005 to encourage the family to get out and grow their own and after six years, she finally feels that she is asserting some control over her plot.

She joined the Committee in 2010 and will help out on the updating of the website and the new Facebook Group.

Her favourite produce to grow: raspberries.

catherine cropped

Meg Van Rooyen

Meg enjoys spending time at the allotment to get away from a full-time job, commuting, teenagers, two cats, caring for an elderly mother and the housework! She says, “One day I might grow something too!”

Her favourite veg to grow are: Gem squash, a South African passion.


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